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Services Residential & Commercial

  •  Installation of Lawn
  •  Plantation
  •  Pool and Parks
  •  Walkway & Driveway
  •  Pergola and Furniture
  •  Maintanance service

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Balcony Decoration

Balcony Garden & Decor

We provide the best Garden decor for your Balcony, you have wide range of products to choose from, we design your Balcony with best Plants and Planters with Customised design

Vertical Garden

Natural & Artificial Garden

  •   Installation of wall Garden with Drip Irrigation for automatic watering

Rooftop Garden


Green Gini provides end to end Rooftop Gardening Services, we use all modern day technology to take care of your roof, multilayer roof protection with light medium for lawn and plantation keeps the land in balance

Our Services and Quality

Our technical team verifies the load and architectural requirements to install natural lawn in your Rooftop , our method of Natural plantation Controls the heat without any damage to your roof

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