Bring home this indoor plants from Green Gini Collections.Aglaonema Diamond Bay has beautifully variegated leaves, that are long and lance shaped. The leaves have a grey-green centre, that covers slightly more than half of the leaf surface. The edges are darker green and meet the paler coloured area along irregular edges.

Diamond Bay is a relatively new Aglaonema and will add an exotic and unique touch to any setting.

Air Purifying: Cleans and improves air quality by filtering toxins from the surrounding environment.

Water: Keep the soil moist at all times, do not allow it to dry out. Do not overwater as this may encourage root rot. Moderation is the key.

Light: Heliconia enjoy bright, indirect light but can tolerate light shade. Lower light levels reduce the rate of growth and dull leaf variegation. Direct sunlight will scorch the leaves.

Origin: Tropics and subtropics of Asia and New Guinea.


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