Bring your garden inside with elegant indoor plants.Cast Iron plants have been popular throughout the ages, for their easy care and indestructible nature. This gorgeous variety has deep green foliage that is beautifully striped with lighter shades of green to pure white, a must-have for any variegation lover.

Aspidistra was sought after by the Victorians for their ability to liven up any dark space, however, the variegated varieties, even though low light tolerant, prefer more medium to brighter light to thrive. Their indestructible nature lends to their ease of care, making them ideal for the first time plant collector or the less attentive plant parent.

Not only is this houseplant good looking but is also highly useful in any environment, be it at home or the office, as it is known to be on top of the list as an effective air purifier, nor only looking good but also leaving you with fresh clean air to breath.

The Cast Iron Variegated houseplant will add a touch of old-world charm when paired with a palm leaf basket and will look striking as either a floor level or tabletop masterpiece.

Please note: Aspidistra are not known to be toxic, but bet they don’t taste great, so keep out of reach!

Follow these instructions to keep your Varigated Cast Iron Plant happy and healthy:

Light: Cast Iron Plants can handle any lighting conditions except direct sunlight. It is best to place this variety in medium to bright indirect light.

Water: This house plant variety is drought-tolerant but does need watering now and again. It is best to allow your Cast Iron Plants soil to dry out between watering as excessive water can lead to death.

Humidity: Tolerates average room humidity.

Fertilizer: Feed with a well-balanced fertilizer during the active growing season of Spring-Summer.


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