Bring home this Hanging plants from Green Gini Collections.Curtain creeper Botanically known as Vernonia elaegnifolia from Compositae family. Common name are Curtain creeper, Vernonia creeper, Parda bel. It is a perennial evergreen vine & it requires trelling or chain like fencing for growing over it. It can be grown in big pots/containers and it is also a drought tolerant plant.

Curtain creeper is one of the amazing evergreen vine, mainly grown for its lush green foliage, it doesn’t attract any insect & disease, so it is one of the zero maintenance plant. It is a creeper which finds it difficult to climb without support. So, the slender stems climb up and then fall down beautifully over a wall or railing. The tender stems, all hanging down form a curtain, hence the name Curtain creeper. Curtain like partitions and also topiaries can be grown using curtain creeper. Basically it is a foliage plant, grown primarily for its habit of forming a green curtain.

Light- More than 3 hours of Direct Sunlight.

Watering- Water when the top soil(2-3 inch) feels dry to touch. Always maintain moisture near the root zone.


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