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This evergreen South African succulent creates a sculptural cascading volume of green. Growing on the coastal regions of the Western & Eastern Cape of South Africa, the Dainty Crassula is delicate yet hardy and will be happy in almost any light conditions – full sun to shade.

The Dainty Crassula will especially delight when it produces its delicate cluster of white star shaped flowers in late spring to summer.
Mossballs can be installed in two ways:

— Suspended: All of our Mossballs come with free extra cord and a carabiner.
Install a U-Shaped hook, attach the cord with carabiner, and simply clip in your mossball.

— Standing: For a standing installation, simply place your Mossball within a presentation-dish on whichever surface you like.

Follow these Care Instructions to keep your Dainty Crassula Mossball healthy and happy:

Water: Dip your Mossball in a bowl of water for 10 minutes, once a week

Light: Medium to bright indirect light

Humidity: No adjustments to humidity required.

Fertilize: Add a balanced liquid fertilizer to your water once a monthly.


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