Bring home this outdoor plants from Green Gini Collections.Dragon trees are fantastic things – shapely, low maintenance and known air purifiers. They’re great plants for offices and homes alike and “hold a space” beautifully – lots of presence, without commanding your full attention.

Requiring less water than most indoor plants and very pest resistant, Dracaenas continue to be popular house plants. A great floor level plant, which will also look great on a low level stool or plinth.

Style your Dragon Tree in a 30cm Basket to finish it off beautifully.

Follow these instructions to keep your Angazi Dragon Tree healthy and happy.

Water: Water thoroughly, then allow to dry out between waterings – do not overwater. Water less often during the colder seasons. Never allow the plant to stand in water.
Light: Dragon Trees prefer bright, indirect light but will tolerate medium light levels as well.
Humidity: Dragon Trees benefit greatly from regular misting – 2 -3 times a week.
Fertilize: Balanced Fertilizer once a month during the spring and summer months.


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