Bring home this indoor plants from Green Gini Collections.Hailing from the Island of Mo’orea in the Society Islands, this tropical gem has made itself at home in offices and many shopping centres, due to its striking foliage and the near indestructibility (read: impossible to kill). Possibly also for its known air-purifying qualities, as it removes such nasties as formaldehyde and benzene from the air.

The Golden Pothos (also called Devil’s Ivy) will be happy to creep, trail or climb on any available surface, as it does in its natural habitat. And as an evergreen, it’s sure to look good all year round.

Not only does it have an easy-care nature but is able to withstand a variety of lighting conditions without hindering the plant’s performance, however, avoid direct sun as this can lead to a washout looking and scorched plant.

The Golden Pothos houseplant is a great candidate for a hanging basket or when paired with a bright cheerful planter will make for a striking shelf plant happily cascading freely and elegantly.

A definite staple for a very houseplant collection…

Please note: Scindapsus is known to cause stomach upset when eaten, so definitely not a good candidate for a salad, best kept out of reach for pets and children.

Air Purifying:This plant filters airborne toxins and is part of our clean air plant collection.

Follow these instructions to keep your Golden Pothos healthy and happy.

Water: Keep the soil lightly moist during warmer months and allow to dry out occasionally. Take care not to over-saturate the soil. Water once completely dry in cooler months.

Light: Low to bright, indirect light.

Humidity: Average humidity is fine – will benefit from misting now and then.

Fertilize: Feed the plant once a month in the warmer months. No need to feed during colder months.


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