Bring home this indoor plants from Green Gini Collections.The Peace Lily houseplant is lovely to look at and easy to care for. Spathiphyllum is understated and simple, yet striking with glossy dark-green leaves and elegant white ‘blooms’ that reach up out of the full foliage adding to their nuance and appeal.

This South American plant is popular for its ease of care, beauty, and air cleaning properties. Its ease of care lends to it being the ideal beginner plant and perfect for teaching all budding houseplant parents the intricacies of a regular watering schedule.

Light plays an important part in the life of this plant. While it will happily grow in medium to low light, this will result in fewer flowers being generated and a slower-growing specimen, so best to place in bright light but be warned that direct sunlight is harmful to this tropical beauty.

These gorgeous full foliages plants make for a beautiful tabletop accent piece when paired with a contemporary planter or even something bold and bright to create a statement.

Please Note: Peace lilies may have toxic interactions for humans and animals – best to keep out of reach.

Air Purifying: This plant filters airborne toxins and is part of our clean air plant collection.

Follow these instructions to keep your Peace Lily healthy and happy:

Water: Check soil regularity during summer and water thoroughly when the top 2cm of soil begins to dry, keeping the soil evenly moist to the touch. During winter water less often.

Light: Medium to bright indirect light.

Humidity: Medium to high humidity is ideal, however, will withstand average room humidity if watered correctly.

Fertilize Every two weeks with diluted plant food from spring to autumn.

Origin: South America.


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