Bring home this indoor plants from Green Gini Collections.The Boncel Mother in Law’s Tongue is a striking succulent plant with short, fat, fleshy cylindrical leaves that fan out, mirroring the effect of an outstretched Boncel, hence its common name. This attractive Snake plant (another common name for this plant) has beautifully silvery-green mottled banding making this a truly attractive Sanseveria variety.

The striking sculptural quality and extremely care-easy nature of the Mother in Law’s Tongue plant species, in general, have made this a popular house plant worldwide. They are the ultimate low light plant and due to the hardy nature are ideal for beginner plant parents or for those who tend to travel often.

Even though the Starfish will happily live in very low lighting conditions, these plants prefer a bright indirect lighting position to truly thrive and need their soil to be well-draining and quick-drying for best growth, as they are prone to rot if left wet for prolonged periods. If kept in the right lighting conditions, the adorable plants will bloom for you.

Pair this fun looking plant with a bold planter to allow it to stand out from the crowd and use it as a focal point on a beautifully curated shelf or as a tabletop centrepiece. No matter where you chose to position this beauty, be it at home or at the office, know that it will be working hard for you clearing the air of household toxins as they make ideal air purifiers.

Give this house plant a little care and watch how well it rewards you with continuous new growth.A definite houseplant must-have for any interior.

Follow these instructions to keep your Boncel healthy and happy:

Water: It is best to allow your Sansevieria to dry out completely between watering. Over watering is the most common cause of death in these easy-care plants.

Light: Low to Bright indirect Light

Humidity: Average room humidity, no humidity adjustments required

Fertilizer: Feed with a well-balanced fertilizer once a month.


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