Bring home this indoor plants from Green Gini Collections.This gorgeous variant of the Mother-in-Law’s Tongue houseplant is prized for its beautifully striking silvery-sage foliage that matures to a lovely olive green, while still retaining all the charm of its more common counterpart.

With its dazzling sculptural quality and extremely care-easy nature, the Mother in Law’s Tongue has made itself a highly popular house plant worldwide, from being a well-known air purifier to being considered highly indestructible. Ideal for the first time plant parent or someone looking for a low maintenance living sculpture.

The Mother-in-Law’s Tongue “Sansevieria Silver” will add interest to almost any space in your home, office or patio as they are rather tolerant of a wide variety of conditions and lighting, though, it is best to avoid high humidity as many of these plants come from dry regions. Be sure to give this house plant a little care and watch how well it rewards you with continuous new growth.

Pair with a planter that is bold and striking for a perfectly balanced natural art piece, or chose an earthy palm leaf basket to soften the edges.

Please note: Sanseveria is considered toxic, so best to keep it out of reach.

Follow these instructions to keep your Mother-in-Law’s Tongue healthy and happy:

Water: It is best to allow your Sansevieria to dry out completely between watering. Overwatering is the most common cause of death in these easy-care plants. Err on the side of caution and check every 2 weeks for watering during summer and at least once a month in winter.

Light: Low to Bright indirect Light

Humidity: Average room humidity, no humidity adjustments required

Fertilize: Balanced Fertilizer once a month


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