Bring home this indoor plants from Green Gini Collections. Syngonium plants are not just decorative, they have the ability to cleanse the air you, breathe and act as anti-pollutants. These plants can reduce components of indoor air pollution, even volatile organic compounds such as benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene. They also reduce airborne microbes and increase humidity.

Researchers from NASA and other organisations have approved this plant as an air purifier, The Syngonium Plant is an adorable dwarf variety of the Arrowhead family with its small compact green and cream mottled foliage.

They make the ideal candidates for terrariums and Fairy gardens because of their small stature and are ideal for small spaces where its larger cousin will look out of place or become cumbersome.

Pair this cutie with an unadorned planter to bring out the striking mottling of its leaves which allows it to stand out in a crowd, as they say, “dynamite comes in small packages” and there is definitely no exception here.

Syngonium’s are a tropical plant that enjoys medium to bright light and watered often. It is quite forgiving as a tropical plant and will tolerate bouts of neglect and lower light conditions, making it ideal for a beginner plant lover or busy plant collectors. It isn’t too bothered by humidity levels and will happily live in average room humidity but the higher the humidity the better your leaves will appear, as very dry air can lead to brown edges on your plant, spoiling its appearance.

Please note: Syngonium Podophyllum should be kept out of reach of hungry pets and children.

Follow these instructions to keep your Arrowhead plant happy and healthy.

Light: Medium to bright light is ideal, however, this indoor plant can handle lower light conditions.

Water: Allow soil to dry completely before watering.

Humidity: Average room humidity is fine. If the air is very dry, sprits plant often or place on a pebble tray.

Fertilizer: Feed every two weeks in the growing season with a balanced organic feed.


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